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sabato 24 dicembre 2011

GRUIT BEER (AG) - english



I did my first Gruit Beer or unhopped beer (all grain) on Monday (26th December 2011). This was only a trial beer, so I used  leftover grains: Vienna, Maris Otter and Pilsner malt.

Efficiency: 65%
Final Liters: 15

I used the following spices:

- gentian (10 g - 10 minutes)

- licorice (15 g - 10 minutes)

- anise (30 g - 20 minutes)

I crushed anise. No operation was made for gentian and licorice. I followed these steps:

- protein rest: 50°C - 30 minutes
- alfa-amylase rest:  60°C - 20 minutes
- beta-amylase rest: 70°C - 40 minutes
- mash out: 78°C - 10 minutes

I took more time for beta-amylase rest, because I wanted to do a more sweet beer.


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